I exhale

And sense your escape

From the caves of  my lungs

Through the tunnel of my chords

A gust of wind bursting up

From the back of my tongue

Pieces of you dance through

The cavities in between my teeth

Remember how you dwelled so deep

And hid between the reems and spools that

Unraveled at the stirring of the ‘we’

I exhale the bits that kept

The Love that wept

Mercilessly, patiently

For me

To see that no gust of breath was wasted

No sweeter love has tasted

The exhale of you

made room for the He that set me free

Like a true Lover’s love was

Forever intended to be



I jump to swim
So far offshore
With sounds and     trips
Vowels       and unfamiliar beats
The distance stretches
From safety’s grain and knot
I cry to keep
A buoy’s grip
In hopes to take no water in
To pause and breathe
With              intentions sweet
Oh, to swim
to swim without a single    word




Hi, I’m on @Instagram!

Sometimes I get a sense of guilt wash over me because I haven’t fully focused on the same words that brought me to start this blog over two years ago. (!!!) I’ve definitely grown miles emotionally, mentally and spiritually since the start and I’m so grateful for all of your love, support and mere curiosity. At the start of this year I decided to focus on my fine art to help the healing in other areas of my life and it’s definitely been a ride. I’ll save the yearly recap to the close of the year (who knows what surprises are left in store in the next 3 1/2 months?), but I wanted to let you all know where my progress could be found.

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And don’t worry, the words in my head and heart haven’t completely left me! They’re just competing a bit with shapes and colors. ;)

Until then,


Overlapping Memories

In the spring of 2012 I started and finished a 40 by 30 inch canvas for a Painting II final assignment. The subject matter was up to the student and I was excited to have the free reign. I’ve always been intrigued by the juxtaposition and layering of beautiful images in both art and design, so I decided to take a shot of my own.

I began with a photograph I shot in my first semester photography class and a handful of dried and pressed flowers I had so thoughtfully received a few months prior. After scanning both subjects together I got to work. The process was long, tedious and, at times, physically painful. But I fell in love with painting on a much larger scale than I was use to and the finished result of combining two separate loves and painting mediums made my heart full.

Overlapping Memories, #1
Fast forward to my post grad fine art venture this year and the reawakening of my desire to continue with a whole series of beautifully painful, layered memories. Each piece is an acrylic painted rendering of a photograph of a woman from my life, past or present. Atop the acrylic, I oil painted scattered petals given to me from past loves, family and friends. Though all nine have their own personal story to tell, I’m sure the viewer can insert their own lover, mother, friend, or sister overlapped in the rest of life’s memories.

Overlapping Memories 1 & 3

It’s been a labor of love and great diligence creating these pieces over the last 6 months. I’ve loved the challenge, both in creating and remaining faithful to the vision of my heart. Here’s to hoping you can find some love in them as well.

Overlapping Memories
She wore her past like layers of a rose,
anxious and patient
loving and true
budding and blooming
with each given season
Leaving remnants of her memories overlapped on the ground.

You can view the full series on my site arielle-austin.com or in my Storenvy shop.
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